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Caffe Luciano's is Boise's only Riverside Italian Caffe...Inspired by our love of authentic Italian cuisine. Our classic recipes are presented in a modern fashion that reflects our location, clientele and philosophy. As an independently owned cafe and wine bar, we strive to present the best we have to offer in the style of our main location Luciano's Boise. Our goal is to reflect the old world in a modern landscape while committing ourselves to giving you the best. We serve things simply, offer amazing wines, and provide a level of service never before seen.....You are family to us.

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Fresh pizza with mozzarella and arugala

Located in the heart of Boise on the beautiful Boise River Greenbelt our second Luciano's location sets the standard of what modern, upscale dining on the go can be. With an amazing selection of beer and wine on tap, paired with a chic small plate menu featuring some classic dishes next to contemporary flavors, there is nothing else like it. Caffe Luciano's is destined to be your favorite "Brake Spot" as you cycle down the Greenbelt or paddle your SUP on over for breakfast or an early lunch and a round of drinks.


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The breakfast panino #1 was the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. The wine and beer selection do not disappoint. Service is prompt and friendly. The modern atmosphere is clean and tasteful. I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful greenbelt setting during the warmer months on the large patio!


I've been eagerly waiting for this place to open since its been under construction for a while near the Green Belt...and now it's finally open!  The restaurant itself is smaller than its big sister restaurant located off of Orchard in the Bench area.  Seating is maybe enough for 40 people and it has a nice modern decor look about it complete with a couple garage style windows that will probably be open in the warmer month along with outside seating. Caffe Luciano's is smaller and allows for a more intimate atmosphere including a bar and dining area.  The menu is smaller but includes appetizers, entrees, pizzas/slices, and desserts.  They also have a drink menu which has a decent variety of wines and beverages.My wife and I scored the bruschetta, lasagna, and tiramisu

(which we of course ordered to come out alongside our dinner) and it was all very delicious!  Garlic was HEAVY on the bruschetta which we loved!  Lasagna was thick and full of all the delicious cheeses, meat, and pasta slabs you can hope for.  The tiramisu had great flavor and was a decent sized portion for us to split.  I also ordered the "Gangster Red" wine that the server recommended.  It was a nice sessionable red that paired well with the meal.  Overall, Caffe Luciano's (or "Lucci's" as we like to call it) is worth checking out if you're in the area or want to stop in for a full meal or just a quick app/drink.